Wednesday, January 18, 2017

For the new year

2016 is over. Gott sei dank.

It was a year of sad good-byes and wonderful hellos, natural disasters and the stuff and nonsense that goes with them, but it's over. Can't say I'll miss it. 

Now, it's 2017 and I am still creating and encouraging creativity in others as a creativity coach. Why? We need to be creative now more than ever. We need to learn how to stay creative and centered in an increasingly crowded and crazy world. By drawing, playing guitar, cooking, writing children's books, welding metal sculptures, we creatively find ways to let go of the stress of this modern world. Not that creating doesn't have its own stresses but those we chose and can control. We draw the line, play the note, add the salt.     

We stay creative through knowledge, knowledge of ourselves, our creative goals, and knowledge of what's available to support our goals. 

Some people know early on what they want to create. They see a potter's wheel or a weaving loom and they know that they are a potter or a weaver. Others, like myself, are makers. There are some things we return to over and over but we are more willing to try new things. We have crushes on crafts. Then we return again to our first love or our third. Please don't tell us we have to make a choice.

So, how do we get this knowledge? Check back next week, and I'll give you some ideas.