Sunday, February 14, 2010

New slippers and other musings

     For Christmas, I received these really cute slippers with sheep faces. They have far more class than bunny slippers, fit well, are quite comfortable and what I find very important in footwear is, they do not show toe cleavage. I find toe cleavage to be quite disgusting. My students sometimes wear little ballet-style shoes that show toe cleavage-yuck- and I want to tell them to go put socks on. But I digress.

    Someone designed my cute little sheep slippers. Someone who once probably got in trouble in school for drawing in the margins, now makes a living being creative. Someone puts a pencil to paper and expects a final result, in this case, cute little sheep slippers.

     Pablo Picasso once welded a bicycle handle to a bicycle seat and created a sculpture called "Bull's Head" (1943). Now, other people before Picasso probably saw the resemblance between a bike seat and handlebars to a bull head but never took the time to weld the two parts together in that particular fashion. That's the thing about art, about being creative. If it's still in your head, it doesn't exist.

    Now, sometimes it's scary to put something new out into the universe. I know that. But more often than not, you feel better about yourself when you do and quite often, make someone else happy, too which is reason enough in my book to try. So try, why don't you?

    Just don't make slippers that show toe cleavage, o.k.?