Tuesday, April 16, 2013

National Library Week (Pat's Project)

My friend pat is a biographer. She has published an article in a historical journal. Her work has taken her to many parts of the U.S. and Europe. She has been researcher-in-residence. Pat's work has taken her to such diverse locations as Cody, Wyoming and Madrid, Spain. She is currently co-curating an exhibit in New York City with another scholar. She has two books about her research underway.

"Wow, how did she get started in this wonderful life?'

She read a book.

"No, really. Does she have a degree in English or creative writing from some prestigious university?"

No, both of her degrees are in psychology from state universities.

"Oh, is she rich then with lots of resources?"

With two children in college, I don't think she would call herself rich. And she taught herself to use library resources and the Internet to locate useful sources.

"Seriously, she got to do all this just from reading a book?"

Well, there is one thing more. Six years ago, when Pat read a book about a famous Spanish poet, she asked the question. How did that poet happen to meet a young teacher from a small town in Vermont of all places? When she started to research the teacher, she told people about her about her inquiries. It is amazing the number of people who were able and willing to help her. Look here. Talk to this person. Contact that place. People are there to help when you are willing to share your creative idea.

So what have you read this week?


And for more information about Pat's research, look here: