Monday, January 31, 2011


Inspiration comes in many ways and often bears no resemblance to the original. For example, here is a photo of a bottle created by Nancy O'Brien, Executive Director of the Firehouse here in Del Rio.
It was on display recently with others that Nancy had made. It is called "Snowberry" after the dictionary definition on the lower corner of the bottle. It is clear glass and crystal and silver embellishments, very light and airy.   

I have seen embellished bottles in magazines and books but never up close. I was inspired to try my own hand at it. 

Here is my embellished bottle, entitled 
"She dreams of Africa." The wire is copper, the glass beads are shades of brown and tan. The polymer clay face is washed with India ink that gives it a rich glow. The face is on silk yarn. 

The two bottles are very different but both come from Nancy's and my willingness to wonder "What if...?

So where does your inspiration come from?


Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This is the time of year when everyone's writing about making New Year's Resolutions. Do you make them? Do you keep them? Don't you think they are stupid? Here's how to be successful this year (when you haven't been successful for the last twenty) and on and on the lists go.  
Do I make New Year's Resolutions? No, not really. Several times throughout the year, I do write down my goals but not for any set time span. Some are for that day or week and some are goals that will take years to complete. Then I find the previous list and compare. Did I forget something that was a priority three months ago? Why did it lose importance? Am I always writing something and then never taking any steps to achieve it? What's the problem then? This is what works for me.

But no matter how you set goals, make resolutions or whatever name you use, this is what you need to remember. To get there, you have to make a mess. I had to have a tree trimmer come today so I can have a pleasant backyard. This photo is just a small portion of the mess made. You will need to make some kind of mess of your own. You will have to extend yourself. You will have to make that call, buy that book, take that class, order those paints, research that era. Maybe the mess will only be in your mind. Maybe it will take up your whole backyard. But you won't reach your goal, keep your resolution if you don't take a chance and make a mess. 

Good luck. Let me know how it goes.