Friday, December 30, 2011

End of Year Musings

I hope your holidays have been enjoyable and you have spent time with loved ones. The holidays to me are a great time to stretch one's creative abilities. For example, when I realized that my dear husband's Christmas present was too heavy to wrap in traditional wrapping paper, I came up with this idea. 
Pretty cool, huh?  

My husband decided to use his time off recycling an old metal box springs frame into a new side gate. Then I had an idea for using the springs. My idea and his welding skills created our funky face guy.

The outer circle is an old wagon wheel and the eyeglasses are from the wagon hub. The eyes are reflectors from the auto parts store.His nose is a piece from the box springs frame. The hair is made from the larger of the springs. He has eyebrows from the small springs but they don't show up well in this photo. 

I think that our creative ideas are flowing freely at the moment has something to do with the fact that our normal routine is out the window. I am not teaching and he is not at his desk every morning at 7:30 am. Our scheduled break is serving us well. Breaks aren't always an option. Sometimes, it helps to do anything to break up a routine and get more creative ideas, drive a different way to work, call an old friend, pull out a favorite book, look at a photo album. What can you try?

Wishing you a most happy and creative New Year's 2012!

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