Thursday, February 23, 2017

How do you know?

Creativity is everyone's game. We are all creative beings at all times of our lives. How we show that is what changes over time. Some artists pick up a pencil at five and are still drawing at eighty-five. Others, like a friend of mine,don't pick up a brush until their mid-fifties. Yet, my friend has been in two exhibits. What's the difference? 

Obviously, parental encouragement, economics, community, all play a part in where and when we discover how we want to express ourselves as creative persons. I prefer not to dwell on past history. That was then. this is now. So, look at now. 

  • How do you learn? Are you comfortable getting your hands dirty? Do you need to have someone show you how do to something or can you watch a video and learn? Do you have to do things is a set sequence or can you deal with randomness? 
  • What's your style? Bold and bright or gentle and quiet? Crowds or solitude? Do you want fast results or can you be patient? Sweet or spicy?
  • Why does creativity interest you? Do you have a need to express yourself without words, in paint, perhaps? Do you need an outlet for the tensions or your job? Is there something you've always thought "I could do that?" 

Now, write a few notes. Look around your place. Watch a few videos. Go with your gut. Talk to your loved ones and friends. Sometimes, they know you better than you realize. 

Ask yourself, if money and time were no object, and you could not fail, what would you try? 

Let me know.  


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